Fight your fears and try to get out of this routine that is trying to kill you in this ambitious game project tinted with inspiration from ‘b’ movies culture. Take your place in a phantasmal adventure taking inspiration between Indiana Jones, and the works of great masters such as Carpenter, Cronenberg or Clive Barker! This bewildering and fantastic journey with "Lynchian" flair takes place on the 46th building of a street in the heart of a small medieval alpine town

The exit door is not far away, just below, on the ground floor!

If only it were that easy to escape...

Rich and confusing universes

This journey will lead you to explore captivating worlds ranging from thousand-year-old temples lost in the lush portraits of the Highlands to the darkest depths of the human soul.

A fascinating and disturbing fresco inspired by the greatest horror genius: H.R. Giger!

You're only human

Unlike the majority of video game protagonists, you're neither Usain Bolt nor Mark Spitz, let alone Hafthor. The only thing you and Clark Kent have in common is that, at best bifocals.

Your discernment and your ability to adapt will be your best assets for overcoming the many dangers which will dot your journey to the edge of madness!

Demanding gunplay

The handling of firearms is far more complex and precise than in the most popular games. It will be vital for you to learn to tame them before you throw yourselves into the chaos. Otherwise, certain death awaits you…

Where ammunition is a precious commodity, every bullet is... potentially fatal!

Unrestricted hand-to-hand combat

Be it by fist-fighting, a screwdriver, a Gallo-Roman sword, or strikes with a broomstick, every object around you represents your salvation in case of a hard blow from fate!

In war as in love, all blows are permitted! Especially when they are unfair.

System D

It would be foolish to think that in this world weapons are your only allies. With a bit of ingenuity, the environment that surrounds you can also be particularly useful when it comes to spilling blood.

Electrocution, incineration, impalement, bone-crushing, or escape… All means are reasonable when it comes to survival!

Embrace the darkness

Though it can be terrifying at times, one must know how to turn fear into profit: Turn out the lights,learn how to tiptoe, put on your most beautiful ghost costume and become a shadow!

There is no shame in hiding, especially when it is in your best interest.

Grey matter required

Don't think your journey will end with "kill or be killed". No. To advance in your quest you must solve several puzzles and traps. These are based on your surroundings and physics, as well as on logic and culture.

Get ready to activate your wit!.

RPG with unique mechanics

In contrast to classic role-playing games, the statistics of your character are not determined for each new game, but at the start of every day. Your stats will change based on your daily routines and habits.

A little coffee?! You'll run longer, of course, but beware of tremors!.

Endless replayability

Each day of your adventure is imposed upon you at random. The different branches that link your journey to and its end are also linked by chance.

In other words: Every game is unique!


The 'Fire Walk Without Me' Demo

Coming very soon !

New features

  • RPG system for the character statistics
  • Fire propagation and flammable materials
  • Inventory System for the stuffs
  • Three new melee combat arts
  • New kinds of enemies


The 'Fear of the Depths' Demo


New features

  • Lot of new environments
  • Melee weapons with differents arts styles
  • First kind of creatures
  • Selection wheel for weapons and stuff
  • And more !

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Download the 'Shooting Range' demo

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